The 10 Best Cloud Storage Sites for Business

Cloud storage, or cloud storage, is an online server that allows you to use your downloaded files from anywhere in the world.

In the cloud, you can copy important documents, work together, and share large amounts of information. Cloud storage allows you to share files via a link.

I will tell you how to choose the right cloud storage.

The selection is relevant for both individuals and businesses. In the end, I compare the storage and advise which service to choose for which purposes.

Cloud Drive Characteristics

Depending on the purpose of using a cloud drive, pay attention to the main characteristics of storage:

  • Free storage capacity;
  • The cost of additional space and its limitations;
  • Maximum downloadable file size;
  • List of file formats that support previewing;
  • Editing files on the disk;
  • Working from different devices under one account;
  • Encryption;
  • File and folder sharing.

In this article, we will analyze best 8 cloud storages.

  1. Microsoft OneDrive
  2. Google Drive
  3. Dropbox
  4. Mega
  5. iCloud
  6. Box
  7. pCloud
  8. MediaFire

Microsoft OneDrive

Free capacity. 5 GB.

File viewing and editing. Yes, through Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office 365.

For whom. There are individual, family and corporate plans.

Cost of extra space. 1TB for $69.99 per year for personal use, 6TB for $99.99 per year with an Office 365 family subscription.

For enterprise plans, starting at $5 per month per user.

Languages: Russian, English, French, Ukrainian, Portuguese, German, and others.


Microsoft OneDrive

With the OneDrive desktop app, you can drag and drop files into the cloud

OneDrive supports multiple languages and allows you to increase storage from 5GB to 100GB. You can buy additional space for your business or family only by purchasing Microsoft 365 along with additional apps and features.


  • Access level management.
  • Additional protection via personal safe: double authentication for login.
  • Ability to view favorite files without access to the Internet.
  • Using the storage via web version, mobile and desktop applications, XBOX support.


  • Downloadable file size not more than 15 GB.
  • Heavy business rate registration and purchase procedure.
  • Lots of extra features besides storage.

Google Drive

Free capacity. 15 GB.

View and edit files. Check out, via the Google Docs package.

For whom. There are individual and corporate rates.

Cost of extra space. For individual use, you can buy from 100GB for $1.95 a month to 30TB for $295 a month.

For the corporate rate, from $10 per user per month, there are 100 GB per employee.

Languages. Russian, English, German, Ukrainian and others. In total more than 100 languages.


Google Disk – the most capacious cloud of all listed.

It can be downloaded up to 30 Tbytes maximum. You can edit files even without a network: data are saved automatically. Access levels allow you to control the sharing of folders and files and to set up a ban on copying important documents.

Google Drive helps you search for files by name and move between folders


  • Preview and edit most formats through Google Docs.
  • Use via web version, desktop, and mobile apps.
  • You can connect offline access to individual files.
  • Unlimited photo storage through the app on mobile devices.
  • Store a history of changes to files.
  • Encryption for data transfer and storage.


  • Disk space includes Gmail files.
  • Downloadable file size – no more than 5 Tbytes.



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